Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Template

I decided it was time to drop the support for old 800x600 resolution.

The main reason is that I believe no one is still using it. And if you are, then it's your own business...

As I'm pretty busy now, I went for a predefined template. Yes, it's not stylish, but some customizations will be coming in the next days (as long as I find some time). In the meanwhile, it seems to be helping in readability!


  1. New customizations coming next days?
    Ok. Aliens exist, Berlusconi is the best politician ever and I'm the most fascinating guy all over the world (and I'm a genious too)... oh, I nearly forgot: Win95 is still better than Linux.

    Ok, now I'll be serious. Your new layout is very nice, I like it.
    What about the meeting (DISC)? See you :)

  2. DISC is being nice! :)

    I had some problems following you going through that rigmarole at the beginning... Nevertheless I can only suppose that it's a mental consequence of a possible wrong choice in your master thesis! :P

  3. It might depend on a more-than-50-pages-paper that I have to read... :D