Sunday, January 31, 2010


:nerd: /n./
1. [mainstream slang] Pejorative applied to anyone with an above-average IQ and few gifts at small talk and ordinary social rituals.
2. [jargon] Term of praise applied (in conscious ironic reference to sense 1) to someone who knows what's really important and interesting and doesn't care to be distracted by trivial chatter and silly status games. Compare the two senses of {computer geek}.

From: the Jargon File

Saturday, January 30, 2010


L'inutilità di questo blog non si discute... è sempre piacevole incominciare qualcosa di nuovo.

Leggendo quello che verrà scritto qui, a piccoli passi, anche voi potrete diventare dei nerd doc. Consapevoli che non ci vorrà molto a completare questo processo: il tempo sarà polinomiale nel numero dei post!

E dunque si inizi: main(void)!


The uselessness of this blog is undoubted...
...nevertheless it's always a pleasure to start up with a new thing.

By reading what's going to be published here, you'll get a chance - step by step - to become a quality nerd. Having the consciousness that it won't take too long to carry out this task: it will take polynomial time with respect to the number of posts!

So, let's get started: main(void)!